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Token Launch Sniping

Be among the first to buy a token when it's listed on a DEX.
We are working on automating and optimising this feature. This feature will be ready to use in a few weeks.
TokenSight Token Launch Sniping enables buying a certain token as soon as the token trading is enabled on a DEX.


You can add Token Sniping orders by going to the Token Sniping dashboard under the DEX Trading section. Click the Add Order button in the top right corner.
The Token Sniping order configuration enables you to configure the following details:
  • Name: The name/label of the sniping configuration
  • Wallet: The wallet that will be used to execute the trade order
  • Token Address: The token contract address to snipe. You should have an existing information about the token contract address.
  • Amount In (ETH): ETH Amount to use for sniping; how much ETH you are willing to spend on buying the token. The selected wallet doesn't need to have enough ETH for the transaction at the moment of creating the order, but it must have enough ETH when the order needs to be executed, otherwise the transaction will fail.
  • Trigger Function: Specify a smart contract function that enables trading when executed. This field is optional - if the token doesn't have such function and trading is enabled when liquidity is added, the execution will happen when liquidity is added.
Token Sniping order page

Execution details

The Token Snipe order will be executed when the Trigger Function is called OR when liquidity is added for that token. If the contract doesn't have a trigger function, then sniping will be attempted when liquidity is added.
Note that the selected wallet balance must be >= Amount In (ETH) + ETH Amount for gas at the moment when trading is launched.
Token Sniping order transactions are executed in an intelligent way to maximise the probability for a successful execution, while a sufficiently high gas price is used (based on the current gas price) to ensure the order is executed correctly.